Website Review (Critical Problems)


1. Many website links do not go anywhere and when they are clicked, no action is taken or the page is deleted. This makes both the user and search engine bots frustrated.

2. For example, we have a page with the title of accessories, where a number of mobile templates are introduced, when we enter it, we see the templates, but none of them have links. In these cases, the user gets disappointed and quickly leaves the page and enters another site.

This issue increases the bounce rate of the site. Also, when search engine bots enter a page and there are no links to other pages (or so-called dead ends), they give a negative score to the page in question and probably do not index it.

3. The overall design of the template as well as the photos used are very simple and not visually appealing. Note that our website is not the Apple website that people enjoy for its simplicity.

We do not have any place among the people now and by using beautiful template design and using beautiful and special colors and images, we can keep the audience that enters our site.

4. We have a page as a price list where different mobile phone models are entered and there is a quote request button below them. But all of them are transferred to the contact us page, and the user must again enter the name and model of his phone (if he had carefully found his phone model in the previous step and clicked on the corresponding button).

This issue destroys the user experience and using a static link for a large number of items is not a good thing from the point of view of Google and other search engines and can cause our page not to be indexed.

5. We have a content in the main menu of the site called samsung-camera-iphon-back-glass-repair-richmond.

What does this mean? Why do we put two completely different things together at the same time? This confuses both the user and the search engine, and there are many of these on this website.

6. We have a page called Frequently Asked Questions where three questions are repeatedly asked and answered. This page is one of the most important pages for users and search engines and there should be many popular questions on this page.

7. The product pages have only one low-quality photo and their descriptions are few, and no special graphic and visual design has been done for the product page, and it is more like scam websites.

Again, I must point out that we should never compare ourselves with big websites like Apple or Microsoft or… who use very simple visual design. We can persuade the customer to buy only with visual beauty and beautiful images.


Considering all the things I said and considering the wrong links, incomplete and insufficient content, few keywords, poor quality and ugly images, etc., when the user or the search robot enters the website, he thinks that An inactive website has been encountered.

Website Template


Website template is one of the most important factors of user experience and SEO. The faster, more beautiful and more functional the website template is, the more pleasant it is for users and the better and more search engine bots like it.

It seems that the theme of this website is proprietary (meaning no premium wordpress themes are used) but it is a very weak and mundane theme.

All the fonts and colors in the template are default and no customization has been done on them, and there are also things that are very important in the user experience (UX) such as the mobile menu.



This website has about 6 specific keywords and does not use about 77 keywords that its competitors use. This number of keywords is very small, because keywords can enter the contents and products of a website in search engine pages.


This website has about 3,197 backlinks, of which 2,994 are from Lemon Directory. Using directories to get backlinks is great, but the number of them is very important.

Also, at the same time as receiving backlinks from directories, high quality backlinks should also be used. Because the directory is full of links to all kinds of sites, they do not have a high value in terms of linking.